November 27, 2017

Advent Conspiracy

What if Christmas could look and feel differently than last year? Every Sunday in December Mission Vineyard will be exploring what it might look like for us to spend a little less but be able to give a lot more.

In 2018 Mission Vineyard will invest over $30,000 towards child hunger in the local schools, sending out a new church plant, feeding the homeless every other week, investing in college ministry in San Antonio, local emergencies that cause homelessness in our local community, church planting in Argentina, care for orphans in San Antonio, and missions trips all over the world.  What if $3,000 of that could come from each of us diverting the cost of 1 gift and instead spending time, creativity, and space to enjoy and experience the recipient of that gift in a new and loving way?  What if we all figured that out together?  That’s what advent conspiracy is all about.