July 22, 2017

Give it away! Serve with Mission Vineyard

Email serve@missionvineyard.org to connect with a team leader!


On Sunday Mornings there are many teams at work creating a loving space for you and others.

  • Worship Team (Team Leaders Ethan & Eva Valdes)
  • Kids on a Mission Team (Team Leader Lila Capps)
  • Prayer Team (Team Leader Jan Seaman)
  • Welcome Team (Team Leader Herschel Rosser)
  • Hospitality Team (Team Leader Carol Golladay)
  • Setup Team (Team Leader Doug Stone)

After Sunday Mornings there are ways that we work together to serve the community.

  • Feeding the homeless under the I35 overpass by UTSA Downtown – 1st and 3rd Sundays after church. (Team Leaders Danny & Joyce Ross) 
  • Snack Pak for Kids – delivering weekend nutrition “paks” to chronically hungry kids through their classrooms at Will Rogers Elementary. (Team Leader TBA Soon!)
  • Packing and giving away manna bags – We distribute these bags to our church, for free to any visitors but are $5 for folks that call Mission Vineyard their home church, that have enough supplies to help someone on the street for a day. (Team Leader TBA Soon!)
  • Supporting the refugee community here and abroad – We train folks from Mission Vineyard to be authentically loving servants to newly resettled refugees here in San Antonio. We also support individuals and teams to go to Mafraq, Jordan to serve on a team that is caring for Syrian refugees on the ground. (Team Leader Abby Branch)