August 19, 2017

Kids & Youth

Kids on a Mission is a place where we hope all kids develop into who we call “5th grade Frankie.”
Here are some details about our Sunday morning kids classrooms.
1) There are two class rooms. One for 1-4 year olds and one for 4-5 and up. The class room for the younger children has a heavier focus on play/free time. They will have a short lesson (About ten minutes) and one or two songs. The class room for the older children has the following flow: Welcome, Worship, Prayer. Learning (Teaching) Time, Activity/Craft time, Snack Time and wrap up. The 4 and 5 year old split is fluid so we will leave the decision of which class room the child should be in to the parent.
2) 9:45 is the time that you can begin dropping your children off upstairs. We now have a wonderful electronic sign in system that prints off a name tag for your children and a sticker that goes with you. That sticker is for you to give to the workers in the class room when you pick up your children.  If you are receiving prayer ministry at the end of the service, do not worry about picking up your children directly after the service. If you are not receiving ministry, please come pick your children up directly after the service.
As a parent would you like to sign-up to volunteer with Kids on a Mission?  Check here for availability. We ask that new volunteers pass a background check and observe/help in the classrooms before leading the classes.
All Youth Huddle is an opportunity for youth to connect with one another, engage a scripture verse from the sermon, and offer prayer requests.
New visitors to All Youth Huddle receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks! After connecting at the Huddle volunteer staff connect with youth for youth small groups and events.
Youth Huddle meets at the right of the stage by the black curtains.