Our Mission: To welcome Jesus into all of life.

About Us

What makes Mission Vineyard Church unique?
Our mission is to welcome Jesus into all of life.

Our hope is that every moment of every day is a moment where we welcome Jesus into all of life.

Our priority is AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS WITH JESUS. Mission Vineyard offers many different ways to encourage you to have an authentic encounter with Jesus. Our teams and groups offer a place of relational encounter. Where two or more gathered in His name He is there!

We value CREATING COMMUNITY, SERVING GENEROUSLY, & RESPONDING TO GOD’S PRESENCE. Each group, team, meeting, service, and experience is done with these values in mind.

Our hope is that you COME & SEE, LOVE & BE LOVED, CONNECT & GROW, and GIVE IT AWAY.

Mission Vineyard is a Vineyard Church. Over 2000 Vineyard churches are located all over the globe. More on Vineyard Churches in the USA can be found at vineyardusa.org

  • Come and See

    The first step is to experience Mission Vineyard for yourself.

  • Love and Be Loved

    Get to meet some small group leaders and pastors.

  • Connect & Grow

    Get into community and expect God to grow you as you welcome Jesus into all of life.

  • Give it away.

    Everyone gets to play in God's Kingdom. How would you like to share your experience with the world?

Searching for a Small Group? Check out a list of our small groups here online.

Our Pastors

Our pastors would love to connect with you, treat you for coffee or a meal, pray for you, and answer any questions you have.
John & Arleta Aureli
John & Arleta Aureli
John serves as our Senior Pastor
Arleta serves as our Children’s Ministry coordinator (Kids on a Mission)
Herschel & Lucie Rosser
Herschel & Lucie Rosser
Herschel serves as our Associate Pastor.

You can partner financially with Mission Vineyard Church through our online giving page. It's quick, easy, and goes directly towards the specific area where God is leading you to give.

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